blur_linear QSnipps features to work like a pro!



QSnipps runs natively on Windows OS, Mac and Linux.


Easy to use interface

The user interface was redone to provide to users the best and fastest way to manage their snippets.


Database Sharing

Have multiple computers? Place the snippets database to a shared folder and get access to your snippets from anywhere.


Multiple ways to organize

Organize your code snippets database as you wish! QSnipps offers coders multiple options to manage their snippets collection.


Run Shell/DOS commands

Do you use the Console/DOS prompt often? Save all your commands as ShellApps and run them directly from QSnipps.


Global Hotkeys

Quickly access key features of QSnipps from within any IDE using a simple hotkey combinations*.


File Attachments

Having a more complex snippet that needs more than just the code? Attach archives (or any other type of files) to your snippets for that extra flexibility.


Syntax Highlighting

Coding in different languages? QSnipps already has built-in syntax highlighting for major programming languages. Additional syntaxes can be created by the user very easily.


Tons of usability features

QSnipps has tons of other features to aid the user in quickly creating new snippets from text selection or files (drag&drop), to organize the snippets library and to access them when needed as fast as possible.